out of foam she rises

December 23, 2010

Once again, I wasn’t invited to the Oscars this year. Were you? Yeah, didn’t think so. So really, why dress up?

Effortless. One word that encapsulates all we want to achieve when it comes to dressing ourselves. So it stands to reason that actually putting effort into how we look is frowned upon. And the thing is – with the right kind of wardrobe, we can actually come pretty damn close to looking good, effortlessly. With the right pieces of garments inhabiting your wardrobe, dressing yourself becomes a simple act of reaching in, pulling out and putting on. And that simple act is what saves our lives at the end of the day because honestly, who has the time to put together wonderfully elaborate outfits on a daily basis or rather who wants to. Nobody. Certainly not when supposedly not caring about how you look  but at the same time actually looking good is just so much more charming.

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