on bathrobes and pyjamas

September 17, 2012

Soft bathrobes and proper pajamas seem in this day and age – the age of a thousand towels, leggings and old moth-eaten sweatshirts – to be a rather outdated pleasures. And yet, staying in a hotel on holiday recently after a good shower my friends and I always found ourselves cozying up in the hotel bathrobes. As it is, the comfort of lounging around in a bathrobe seems to have been relegated to hotels, and hotels only.
I do own a bathrobe, it’s just that it isn’t necessarily up to par and I really just use it for the sole purpose of getting dry.

I can’t even remember a time, though, that I ever wore a proper pyjama – top and bottom of the same set, that is. Or one of those wonderfully old-fashioned silky ones. I’m not really sure why boring old stuff like pyjamas and bathrobes have been so much on my mind recently, especially seeing as they are garments for behind doors, garments not many people might get to see.
And yet, precision like that, like getting even your bathrobe and pyjamas just right & paying attention to these private details, speaks of grandeur in all things of life. It’s telling in the same sort of way wearing the right kind of lingerie beneath a slinky dress is.

True, a two-piece pyjama might not be the sexiest of sleepwear, but in all its rumpled gloriousness it seems just right for the upcoming fall and winter season.
And as the two ladies beneath show also the right kind of garment for showing your husband you are not the fool he thought you were & for receiving a suitor, while rubbing the sleep from your eyes. Plus, you can always open another button…

(Marion Cotillard in ‘Nine’ & Karine Vanasse in ‘Pan Am’.)


recent delights

March 15, 2012

  1. Though I rank contacts right up there with pain killers & stretch jeans as some of the great inventions of the last century, I’ve been wearing my glasses a lot again lately and as I am near-sighted I tend to just put them on the top of my head whenever I don’t need them – and man, I forgot how much I like the way it looks. It makes me feel very Royal Society of London, for some reason,  while at the same time taming my hair a bit, which as it is is no mean feat. (By the way, great article – The Royal Society’s lost women scientists – can’t wait for the book.)
  2. Chanel’s Rouge Noir nail polish. Inspired by Lady Persie (Claire Foy) from Upstairs Downstairs. The first season was a bit boring, but I’m really enjoying the 2nd one because as mmorrow said: “I love it when shows are brave enough to make the protagonists more than mouthpieces for our perspectives.”
  3. Black cigarette pants.
  4. YSL — The Black Collection eyeliner pen.
  5. Sophie Dahl’s writing. (Her novel should already be making its way to my apartment.)
  6. Sali Hughes’ beauty video on nudes.
  7. And just in case, you don’t follow me on Tumblr or haven’t really been paying attention – kinda obsessed with Stella McCartney right now. Give me all of your wardrobe, women.
  8. Spring!

a plump firm lady

July 3, 2011

What I hadn’t discussed before: I also love the way Sophie Dahl describes food, the metaphors she uses. Furthermore: the presentation of the dishes plays a huge part & flowers feature heavily. And to end the day with even more britishness: for the ultimate 60s and 70s playlist might I suggest The Boat That Rocked OST. And maybe hide beneath a blanket with either Chocolat or Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris.

Here I have a mixture of blackberries, blueberries and a few black currants. There’s something triumphant and celebratory about them. They belong in a Ruben painting with a plump firm lady kind of lying amidst it. It won’t be me.
Sophie Dahl

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What with the weather being so unusually dreary for this time of the year, having finally finished my first year of college but at at the same time starting work tomorrow – I have spend all weekend watching period pieces (Jane Eyre, Downton Abbey etc.), reading A Game of Thrones and watching Sophie Dahl cook roasted tomato soup and double-baked cheese and chive potato, which reminded me an awful lot of the short time I spent in Ireland and I wish I could be back there right now. By the way, and you didn’t hear this from me, but you can download most of the episodes right here. The show just seems so right at the moment because mostly the food’s about comfort, and as she herself says: “simple, honest & straight-forward food”, it’s also accompanied by great rainy-day music and some lovely fitting quotes.

I’ve almost managed not to leave my bed today, were it not for the short period of time where I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth & made tea. Right now I am debating wether to stay here or go to the bookshop, because as pleasantly surprising as it’s been reading A Game of Thrones on my iPad, I don’t think it will suffice. Alas I shall go because N. just called and we’re gonna go to the movies and get frozen yoghurt. Sundays, I adore you. Now where are my corduroys – it’s such a corduroy day, don’t you think?

I ate more cake, read tragic French novels and hated the fields and stupid fences I was surrounded by. I longed for London, a minor Parisian appetite, lithe limbs, complication and Chantal Thomass knickers. Mercifully, the knowledge of how to aquire such things remained totally out of my reach.
Sophie Dahl 

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boardwalk empire

June 26, 2011

The weather’s been unusually solemn for this time of year, which I don’t actually mind because all it means is a wonderfully mild climate and that I get to cover up with a blazer or a light jacket, which is always preferable to sitting in that sauna called the metro.
I have my two last exams of the year on Monday and Tuesday (business law & media politics) which I can’t wait to be done with.

I haven’t actually studied all that much so far which is why I really need to get my ass in gear. Instead of studying I have spent way too much time on Polyvore & started watching ‘Boardwalk Empire‘ which is officially about the Prohibition era but really all about gangsters being their wonderful selfs. Have always had a knack for morally ambiguous characters, still I didn’t think this show was going to be up my alley but it surprisingly is very much so. Unlike a lot of other gangster shows it’s kind of subtle actually and not all that showy. Furthermore I have started reading A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan because apparently I have too much time on my hands.

On top of that I’ve also slowly but surely started preparing for my semester abroad in Paris – got an apartment, booked my flight, made a list of places I still need to visit even though I haven been to Paris twice before (Versailles, Maison de Victor Hugo etc.)
Also definitely on my list: pop by COS, the A.P.C. surplus store and IRO to buy up their whole line of goods.

“When I think of bookishness in music, it’s not of Katy Perry
but something more awkward, more earnest, the type of music that stays inside on
a sunny day.”

Laura Barton

Might I suggest this fine piece of music?!