herriott grace

January 23, 2012


My birthday is in less than a month now and I got myself a subscription to Kinfolk Magazine & a trip to Italy.

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January 14, 2012


(Louise Bourgeois: Be Calm; Rosemarie Trockel: Anima 11.Mai bis 2.Oktober 1994)

“All your books and pictures and…”
“Paperbacks and postcards, Jenny.”
“It’s all you need, isn’t it?”
An Education, from the screenplay written by Nick Hornby

Eglise St Hilaire by Mathieu Lehanneur; photo by Felipe Ribon

The flowing curvilinear podium encompasses a concave baptistery while the liturgical furniture; the altar and pulpit, are made from an amber-coloured alabaster, which resembles the colour of the stone walls of this Romanesque church.

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le grande odalisque

October 16, 2010

Though these earlier works are not always earnestly ethnographic but frankly possessive fantasias of ‘the East’ and its ‘mysterious’ ways, the odalisques of Delacroix and Ingres remain foreign, languorous as you and I cannot hope to be. Gaze upon them and sigh.

Blue Arabesque: A Search for the Sublime, Patricia Hampl