clare waight keller

September 19, 2012

It’s about a British girl falling for the classic elements of Paris . . . pearls, lace,” said the designer, a British girl who moved to Paris last summer when she assumed creative direction of the house. Asked just how autobiographical this inspirational narrative is, Waight Keller conceded with a laugh, “I really like it here. It feels a lot more grown-up.”

Clothes that are by nature casual—a hooded parka, a sweatshirt, a loose skirt—were reimagined in delicate laces and silks in a quiet, pastel palette and beautiful quilted georgette. (x)

“When it snowed my family and I went to the Rodin Museum, and it was so beautiful and still.” (x)

“Packing is always sneakers, flats, heels and then really beautiful blouses and dresses. I always bring silk blouses—well, a couple of those and my tuxedo jackets from Chloé. The tuxedo blazer is the ultimate throw-on-with-a-pair-of-jeans jacket.”

“I miss everyday things of London: maybe the rain, maybe jumping on the bus…the informalness of London; it’s so laid back and easy.”

“In Paris, you buy a lot less, but better quality. So I end up going to really nice patisseries and buy tons of fresh food all the time. In England, I do big shop on the weekend. In Paris, you go every day! You buy little bits from the grocery store, little bits from the bakery, which is really nice in an old-fashioned way.” (x)


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