bright young things

March 13, 2012

So, when I saw this picture of Anya Ziourova I thought to myself: “Oh, what a swanky top! I wanna have one just like it.”
Out I went, stopped by H&M on a whim (because ugh, haven’t really liked their clothes in a while), picked up the shirt you see below & only realized back home that it was the exact same shirt. Saturday came & I decided to wear the top with black cigarette pants, velvety emerald heels & a dash of heady Belle de Nuit.
And then today, in an effort to dress up my daily Uni outfit a bit (which really is just a variation of: navy peacoat, striped shirt, jeans & white converse as of late), I decided to wear the top as can be seen below. Very revolutionary, I know.

P.S.: Tip on the side – don’t wear your nice heels out to bars & clubs, chances are you will get alcohol spilled on them. Alas, it’s a mistake I shall make again and again because really, it’s not like I go to gallery openings & weddings and other fancy events every weekend whereas clubs & bars…


2 Responses to “bright young things”

  1. Cecilia Says:

    I always get spilled on, and always when I’m wearing my fanciest blouse! I’ve gotten wine on it the two times I’ve worn it out to a club – both red and white. Fortunately the stains have been easy to remove, but seriously what kind of luck is that? haha.

    Really liking that you’ve been posting a lot lately! And those outfits are great, really nice top! 🙂

  2. You’ve got a great sense of style. x

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