recent delights

March 15, 2012

  1. Though I rank contacts right up there with pain killers & stretch jeans as some of the great inventions of the last century, I’ve been wearing my glasses a lot again lately and as I am near-sighted I tend to just put them on the top of my head whenever I don’t need them – and man, I forgot how much I like the way it looks. It makes me feel very Royal Society of London, for some reason,  while at the same time taming my hair a bit, which as it is is no mean feat. (By the way, great article – The Royal Society’s lost women scientists – can’t wait for the book.)
  2. Chanel’s Rouge Noir nail polish. Inspired by Lady Persie (Claire Foy) from Upstairs Downstairs. The first season was a bit boring, but I’m really enjoying the 2nd one because as mmorrow said: “I love it when shows are brave enough to make the protagonists more than mouthpieces for our perspectives.”
  3. Black cigarette pants.
  4. YSL — The Black Collection eyeliner pen.
  5. Sophie Dahl’s writing. (Her novel should already be making its way to my apartment.)
  6. Sali Hughes’ beauty video on nudes.
  7. And just in case, you don’t follow me on Tumblr or haven’t really been paying attention – kinda obsessed with Stella McCartney right now. Give me all of your wardrobe, women.
  8. Spring!


bright young things

March 13, 2012

So, when I saw this picture of Anya Ziourova I thought to myself: “Oh, what a swanky top! I wanna have one just like it.”
Out I went, stopped by H&M on a whim (because ugh, haven’t really liked their clothes in a while), picked up the shirt you see below & only realized back home that it was the exact same shirt. Saturday came & I decided to wear the top with black cigarette pants, velvety emerald heels & a dash of heady Belle de Nuit.
And then today, in an effort to dress up my daily Uni outfit a bit (which really is just a variation of: navy peacoat, striped shirt, jeans & white converse as of late), I decided to wear the top as can be seen below. Very revolutionary, I know.

P.S.: Tip on the side – don’t wear your nice heels out to bars & clubs, chances are you will get alcohol spilled on them. Alas, it’s a mistake I shall make again and again because really, it’s not like I go to gallery openings & weddings and other fancy events every weekend whereas clubs & bars…

il caffè

March 13, 2012

“A coffee shop is a unique place: I can spend hours there without feeling rushed, divorced from the set timetable of a meal in a resaurant.”
Alone Time, Brian Ferry for Kinfolk Magazine

“I once met an Italian who didn’t drink coffee. He made light of the fact, but you could see that he was tired of having to explain his disability.”
Italian coffee culture: a guide, by Lee Marshall

dog-eared togetherness

March 13, 2012


“As I got older, the tea parties became a bit less one sided, and I learnt that tea always has a language, never more potent than in the “How do you take it?’ early days of courtship.
Carol Ann Duffy says it best, with her “I like the questions – sugar? Milk? – And the answers I don’t know by heart, yet (…)”

How well I remember, the morning cups of half drunk PG, or English Breakfast, the afternoon tempered with a weak sugarless Earl Grey and a biscuit. The things that become second nature in tender dog- eared togetherness which early on feel like the discoveries of Columbus in miniature.”
introduction to Ten Poems About Tea, by Sophie Dahl