(If life was perfect.)
Listening to Goldmund & Martha Wainwright this evening.


marla & malin start the day

January 13, 2012

(Marla Farrell: sous style; Malin Elmlid: freunde von freunden)

7:30 a.m. As soon as I’m done, I grab The New York Times.  News alerts and the web are great, but I’m an old soul at heart and the paper is one of the best ways to get a snapshot of the world.  I start thinking about the day and strategizing for how I will fit it all in.  I’m off to my best thinking spot, the shower.

(bought both postcards at Versailles)

“Violets contain ionone, which short-circuits our sense of smell. The flower continues to exude its fragrance, but we lose the ability to smell it. Wait a minute or two, and its smell will blare again. Then it will fade again, and so on. How like Josephine, a woman of full-bodied if occasionally recondite sensuality, to choose as her trademark a scent that assaults the nose with a dam-burst of odor one second, and the next leaves the nose virginal, only to rampage yet again. No scent is more flirtatious.”
A Natural History of the Senses, by Diane Ackerman