clear liquid

December 23, 2011

TV series: I’ve been watching a lot of The West Wing lately and I would love to think that this is what I would wear to a day of work in the Oval Office. The clutch being for all the little things like keys, my phone, a lip balm etc. to carry around all day for all the for Sorkin typical walking-and-talking.

Wallpaper: I found this, which is just one of the standard Mac wallpapers and have truly come to love the sense of serenity it gives me.

Book: Nicholas & Alexandra by Robert K. Massie, which after a hundred pages I can highly recommend to everyone interested in the Romanovs or Russian politics. It’s a truly fascinating read and reads just like the best of fiction.

Music: Loads of neo-classical music like Max Richter and ambient music like Swod or Balmorhea. Fly by Ludovico Einaudi being a big recent favorite with it’s both sad but uplifting sound.

Beauty: I brought back two large bottles of Klorane oat milk shampoo because of how good it is for my hair (it doesn’t damage my scalp & at the same time gives my hair a nice soft quality) and I basically never want to depart from it again. For my skin, I currently use Avène‘s Cicalfate repair cream which is just the right thing for all the hot/cold going on now that it’s proper winter.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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