I quite liked this article in ELLE UK so thought I would transcribe & post it here:

How to be a lady. Now there’s a conundrum. We’re talking fashion lady, BTW – not the titled variety or the ‘how to get out of a sports car without showing your pants’ kind, though both are fine and dandy. Specifically, we’re talking about the Bottega Veneta lady. This season, the label’s designer Tomas Maier, best known for his stealth-luxe aesthetic, sent out a woman who looked completely different. All messy chignon, pencil-skirted sexy. The Mad Men look has been big for a while, but until now it’s all been a bit va va voom. This is a new, very wearable kind of ladylike. Sow ho to do it without looking camp or cheap? The devil, as they say, is in the details. And here they are:

Hair: If I had to pick one defining ‘do of the shows, this would be it. It’s a chignon but not as you know it. It’s messy and sexy and looks like you’re having fun. It’s not perfect…It’s perfection.

Colour: The shades are all a bit ‘off’ – but in a good way. Autumnal and sludgy and good-weird. Less obvious than the Mad Men palette and more of the moment.

Texture: It’s all about subtlety here. Yes, there’s lace but not in-your-face ‘ooh, I just showed my bra strap’ lace. Up close, it’s beautiful and intricate. There’s fur but not in a ‘look at me I’m loaded’ way. It’s more modern in burnished gold. There are also beautiful distressed tweeds and printed knits to play with.

Shoes: The ‘platforms are over’ debate has been raging for some time but these are the first pair of non-platform babies I’ve lusted after. They’re not really kitten heels, they’re proper stiletto without being vampy. Much kinder to the leg than a shorter kitten heel. I love the pretty but not frumpy T-bar styling and I want them, now.

All in all, this is a lady with attitude. A lady with intellect. A lady with edge. I’m not suggesting you buy a head-to-tie Bottega look (one can dream). But if you want to discover your inner lady, try a messy updo, pretty stilettos, a tweed pencil skirt and a sporty-but-chic textured coat – then just put on some lipstick and you’re pretty much there.

  1. Wear heels but avoid anything with vampy platform details.
  2. Invest in a pencil skirt but don’t go too tight.
  3. Wear lipstick. Everyone has a red that suits them…even you.
  4. Show some skin. Either nude legs or arms to avoid looking too ‘done up’.

Anne-Marie Curtis in ELLE UK, August 2011

bedouin dress

July 23, 2011

Bought this at Zara yesterday. The back is orange.

une fille un style

July 8, 2011

(Click to enlarge. Scans by me.)

Elle est sublime, très élègante, peut-être un peu trop accro (addicted) au noir.

Elle résume ainsi son style: “Plutôt minimal, linéaire, simple, parfois plus intéressant, avec des coupes conceptuelles, mais jamais trop de superpositions ou d’accesoires.”

Isabelle Kountoure, Fashion Editor at Pop Magazine

a plump firm lady

July 3, 2011

What I hadn’t discussed before: I also love the way Sophie Dahl describes food, the metaphors she uses. Furthermore: the presentation of the dishes plays a huge part & flowers feature heavily. And to end the day with even more britishness: for the ultimate 60s and 70s playlist might I suggest The Boat That Rocked OST. And maybe hide beneath a blanket with either Chocolat or Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris.

Here I have a mixture of blackberries, blueberries and a few black currants. There’s something triumphant and celebratory about them. They belong in a Ruben painting with a plump firm lady kind of lying amidst it. It won’t be me.
Sophie Dahl

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What with the weather being so unusually dreary for this time of the year, having finally finished my first year of college but at at the same time starting work tomorrow – I have spend all weekend watching period pieces (Jane Eyre, Downton Abbey etc.), reading A Game of Thrones and watching Sophie Dahl cook roasted tomato soup and double-baked cheese and chive potato, which reminded me an awful lot of the short time I spent in Ireland and I wish I could be back there right now. By the way, and you didn’t hear this from me, but you can download most of the episodes right here. The show just seems so right at the moment because mostly the food’s about comfort, and as she herself says: “simple, honest & straight-forward food”, it’s also accompanied by great rainy-day music and some lovely fitting quotes.

I’ve almost managed not to leave my bed today, were it not for the short period of time where I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth & made tea. Right now I am debating wether to stay here or go to the bookshop, because as pleasantly surprising as it’s been reading A Game of Thrones on my iPad, I don’t think it will suffice. Alas I shall go because N. just called and we’re gonna go to the movies and get frozen yoghurt. Sundays, I adore you. Now where are my corduroys – it’s such a corduroy day, don’t you think?

I ate more cake, read tragic French novels and hated the fields and stupid fences I was surrounded by. I longed for London, a minor Parisian appetite, lithe limbs, complication and Chantal Thomass knickers. Mercifully, the knowledge of how to aquire such things remained totally out of my reach.
Sophie Dahl 

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