out of foam she rises

December 23, 2010

Once again, I wasn’t invited to the Oscars this year. Were you? Yeah, didn’t think so. So really, why dress up?

Effortless. One word that encapsulates all we want to achieve when it comes to dressing ourselves. So it stands to reason that actually putting effort into how we look is frowned upon. And the thing is – with the right kind of wardrobe, we can actually come pretty damn close to looking good, effortlessly. With the right pieces of garments inhabiting your wardrobe, dressing yourself becomes a simple act of reaching in, pulling out and putting on. And that simple act is what saves our lives at the end of the day because honestly, who has the time to put together wonderfully elaborate outfits on a daily basis or rather who wants to. Nobody. Certainly not when supposedly not caring about how you look  but at the same time actually looking good is just so much more charming.

The French with their certain je ne sais quoi and effortless look have become our very own go-to inspiration. This image we have of them – it’s what we all aim for. Simple, effortless perfection.

Expressing your sexuality. Also something that’s become frowned upon which in our over-sexualized world is only too understandable. Especially because „appearing sexual has become a substitute for being sexual.“*

Now, I am the first person to wear boring old black jeans with a grey v-neck, put on mascara and walk out the door – but what I want to suggest is that we don’t forget to go all out every now and then. Because the thing is, us normal human beings rarely get a chance to truly shine – we don’t get invited to red carpet events and hence, rarely ever dress up, dare to stick out. And thanks to the people who misunderstand Tom Ford’s intentions, dressing sexy has simply become tasteless, mainly because people always seem to take it one step too far.

Because one fact people seem to forget a lot these days, is that an exciting oufit can make us bold, daring. And no one in the whole wide world can tell me that a striped shirt and blazer have the same effect on someone’s confidence as a black sequin dress and lips stained in red. So, create these occasions yourselves. Next time you’re invited to a party, go all out. And believe me, once everyone’s gotten over the fact you didn’t simply wear jeans and a shirt you’ll start getting compliments. Oh and please don’t misunderstand me, there’s nothing wrong with a blazer and a striped shirt, all I am saying is – every once in a while make an effort and show the world that you did so. Because the thing is, most of the time we do care but just simply want to look like we don’t.

  1. Dress sensually (not sexy). Take pleasure (and your time) in choosing an oufit.
  2. Wear a simple dress, take a strip of lace and tie it around your waist.
  3. Wear dark nail polish. Be that simple black, bordeaux or a nice deep shade of berry.
  4. Take time with your make-up. (I wouldn’t know the first thing about putting on nice make-up but that’s what You Tube How-To videos are for.)
  5. Invest in some comfortable heels and actually dare wear them out.
  6. Wear some gold jewellry.
  7. Let your lace bra show.

* Susie Orbach in Acne Paper No. 8

The Spanish maiden with the come hither look
Resplendent with curves shaped to arouse
A maiden possessing that perfect combination
Of come to bed eyes and a gaping blouse

Spanish Maiden, Paul Curtis


2 Responses to “out of foam she rises”

  1. Madelene Says:

    Great entry, beautiful pieces of advice. I don’t know how to do nice makeup either, but somehow I don’t think it matters.

  2. This post is beautifully worded, and more to the point, seemingly effortless! And that spread is divine.
    One of my goals in life now I’ve properly entered the world of work is to build a wardrobe that will help me achieve this.
    In fact, for me, it’s pretty much a higher priority than learning to drive!

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