le dernier vol

October 24, 2010

Lightweight cotton.
Colors: Sand, white, iris.


3 Responses to “le dernier vol”

  1. mmr Says:

    ah you have a blog as well (I thought it was just the tumblr), how wonderful!

  2. hagebutten Says:

    hey, yeah i do. it’s relatively new though. would you want to exchange links? ever since you started posting regularly again i’ve actually been checking your blog a lot, so really i am just gonna add you to my list of links.
    i absolutely adore your tumblr by the way. i’ve reblogged countless quotes of yours with my other tumblr and that was before i even knew about your blog, polyvore etc.

  3. mmr Says:

    thank you so much, and ofcourse I’d like to exchange links!

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