notes no.1

October 18, 2010

  1. keep make-up matte
  2. buy a satchel
  3. let your fall wardrobe breathe (and pack away all your summer items)
  4. layer different textures
  5. wear delicate pendants

4 Responses to “notes no.1”

  1. Fleurette Says:

    omg, so happy that you’ve started a blog 😀 I’ll link you! (I have this rule that I don’t link tumblrs because they are my secret place to seek inspiration.. but now that you’re a blogger :p.. )

    • hagebutten Says:

      wahah, i get that. and oh, wonderful, i appreciate it. i already linked you as you can see, so… 🙂 the im jacket still hasn’t arrived but i’m guessing it will either arrive tomorrow or on wednesday. can’t wait!

  2. Fleurette Says:

    I hope it will arrive soon! What if it’s in Australia? hahaha! At the post office, the woman asked me if the envelope was going to be shipped to Australia.. and I just.. NOOOOO AUSTRIA!!!!! Anyway, if they shipped it to australia, it will most likely be forwarded to me or to you… just hate that it takes so long…

    • hagebutten Says:

      wahah oh god, that would have been horrible. for some reason people always think it’s australia when you say austria. oh well…:) i’m actually not home right now and won’t be until thursday but when i got home on thusrday and the package has arrived i’ll definitely let you know.

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